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A prayer for my friend

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Dear Lord – You know my friend.  She’s always got an encouraging word for me – always a hug – never too busy.  At first glance one would get the impression that she’s got it all.  She’s pretty – in great physical shape, has a great job and a beautiful family.  She serves faithfully at church and worships weekly. 

But behind the walls – inside that shell- she’s not only falling apart.  She’s already in pieces.  Her emotions take over her physical being without warning.  In a moment’s notice the tears are rolling and the pain returns.  It’s like the pieces of her life – present and past – take on a life of their own.  They play with her heart – her mind – her life.  The pieces – they are the devil.  The pieces need to be exposed.  Help her expose the pieces Lord.  Help her to expose them and crush them.  Help her to throw their dust in the face of satan and burn them with him in hell.

You can heal this broken heart – the broken pieces.  You can put the puzzle back together.  And I believe you will.

Thank you in advance for your grace and mercy and love.



Written by got2btrue

April 15, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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